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Georgie Cooke Psychotherapist Coffs Harbour

A More Meaningful and Fulfilling Life is Possible

Counselling can help you become free from stress and struggle.

As a psychotherapist in Coffs Harbour, let me guide you towards the life you’ve been longing for…


Heal. Grow. Transform.

Perhaps you’re feeling anxious and overwhelmed. You wish the negative self-talk would stop. You’re tired of the worry and unhappiness.

Find freedom from difficult emotions and patterns. Begin to feel better quickly.

Create the life you truly want. You can feel happier and more fulfilled.


Solve Problems. Grow Closer.

The stress and endless conflict in your relationship are exhausting. Something has to change – you fear you’re heading towards a break-up.

Heal past pain, save your relationship, and feel more connected to each other.


Gain Clarity & Confidence. Propel yourself forward and thrive!

You want more out of life, but you’re feeling stuck – you know you’ve been holding yourself back.

Feel empowered to make positive changes that last.

Shift your mindset and take action. Achieve what you deserve and desire.

You Have A Sense That Your Life Can Be Better…

The problem is, that you don’t know how to make it happen.

You’ve tried many things yet you still feel stressed, depressed or anxious far too often.

You’re stuck in a rut…and you want out.

How You Can Benefit By Working With Me

As your Psychotherapist and Life Coach, I help you find practical and real solutions to your problems.

We’ll focus on helping you to feel stronger, more confident, and more in charge of your life.

AND… to experience more joy and happiness – to feel fulfilled in heart and soul.

Therapy can help you achieve all of these benefits and more:

  • Radically reduce stress, anxiety and self-doubt
  • Be kinder and more compassionate with yourself
  • Be more confident and clear about what you want from life
  • Overcome blocks that have prevented you from achieving your full potential
  • Have stronger and more rewarding social and romantic relationships
  • Feel a deeper sense of ease, flow and trust in life
  • Live with more meaning, purpose, and fulfilment

“I Feel True Heart Opening”

“Hi Georgie, thank you so much for being the gentle support that my heart needs. I am overwhelmed with gratitude and feel as though my heart is broken open that someone has been able to stay with me in the place that I can’t stay with myself. 

 I feel it was such a profound experience, and that I touched a place of myself that was so starved of that type of acknowledgement and affection. 

I’m learning to trust that this time will pass and to have the courage for maitri – self acceptance and love. Thank you so much. I feel true gratitude and heart opening” 

JM, Age 42
Tech Manager 

I’m A Skilled Therapist And Life Coach With A Big Heart

I’ve been a helping professional for over 15 years. Before becoming a psychotherapist, I was a massage therapist and a naturopath focused on stress-related health issues.

I love my work – it’s a privilege and my calling.

My counselling style is gentle, heart-centred, and goal-focused. I go beyond helping you heal your emotional wounds and assist you in reconnecting with your true Self – a haven of calm, clarity and strength at the core of each of us.

When you resolve the root cause of your struggles and release past pain, fear and patterns that held you back, you are free to enjoy your life with a new sense of harmony and wellbeing.

Gaining deeper inner contentment and peace improves everything dramatically.

I blend several known approaches into my therapy work. My goal is to help you achieve deep transformational healing that lasts a lifetime. I use all my skills, experience, and transformative methods to help you get there.

“Life Finally Seems to Flow Rather Than Be a Struggle.”

“Georgie creates a warm and relaxed space where you feel comfortable.

 My life has moved forward in every area since I’ve been seeing her. I am more emotionally stable, grounded and now achieving things I once thought impossible. Life finally seems to flow along rather than be a struggle. I honestly cannot thank her enough!”

JT, Age 28
Human Services Project Officer

Regardless of how dark things might feel right now – deep and lasting change is possible…

Are you ready for it?

If so, contact me and we’ll get started.

I offer in-person counselling in my Coffs Harbour office. If you cannot come into my office for some reason or live outside of my area, I offer counselling and therapy via Skype/Zoom to people all over Australia and the world.