You’re Not Here Just to Survive…

Heal, Grow, and Thrive!

Transformational Coaching will show you how.

Imagine you could…

  • Empower yourself with positive shifts in mind and brain
  • Feel more self-acceptance and self-love
  • Rise confidently to meet any challenge you face
  • Build deeper and more satisfying relationships
  • Achieve your goals with ease, effectiveness and calm
  • Create a rich, vibrant, meaningful life

“I’m now able to enjoy being the person I came here to be.”

With Georgie’s fantastic support and guidance, I have disposed of any doubts I had in my own ability to achieve my goals and removed mental blocks that prevented me from succeeding.

I’ve been able to identify unproductive patterns in relationships with others – and most importantly myself – and move beyond the cycle of day-to-day existence. Georgie helped me to release any fears that had held me back and to drop old beliefs and attitudes that no longer serve me.

I’m now able to enjoy being the person I am here to be – full of potential, confidence, love, motivation and inspiration. I love the re-connection I have made with myself and the unlimited opportunities that life presents.”

KM, Age 43
HR Coordinator

Let Go of Ingrained Patterns That Hold You Back

If you’re like many of my clients, you may seem successful on the outside, but inside you can’t shake that voice in your head that tells you nothing you do is enough.

You might be a successful professional or business owner who feels like a fraud. Your perfectionism and resulting self-criticism don’t allow you to enjoy your success or the outwardly wonderful life you’ve created.

In spite of all you’ve achieved, you never feel like you’re enough.

You’re always supposed to do more, be more. And the sense of accomplishment feels somehow empty.

It could also be that you’ve not yet achieved what you want at this stage in your life.

You’re spinning your wheels.

You know you’re capable of more – you just don’t know how to make it happen.

Something always seems to prevent you from moving forward to enjoy your life to the fullest.

Perhaps confusion about your direction, difficult or painful relationships, stress at home or at work, or health problems have stretched your ability to cope.

When you feel stressed in this way, you can slip into unhealthy thinking patterns – self-doubt, self-criticism or self-sabotage – leading to a negative downward spiral and mistakenly conclude there must be something wrong with you…

If any of the above sounds like you, be reassured… You’re not alone!

And most importantly… There’s nothing wrong with you!

You’re facing normal human struggles that we all go through at times… and the good news is, there is a way out!

“The results have been amazing!”

”These sessions have been so beneficial! I feel a lot happier with myself and I’m amazed with what I’m now able to do. I’ve learned relaxation tools, how to shift out of negativity into a more positive frame of mind and how to value myself.

I’ve replaced the diet of sugary carbohydrates with healthier choices, and I’m so much more confident in who I am. The results have been amazing!”

AM, Age 18
Uni Student

Create a Mindset and Skill-Set That Empower You to Move Closer to the Life You Truly Want

Drawing on the latest research methods from neuroscience, positive psychology and mindfulness, I’ll help you break free of unproductive patterns and limiting beliefs – so you can live with more ease, fulfillment, and joy.

As your coach, I support you in heart and mind. My coaching equips you with powerful tools to heal past hurts and trauma, take charge of your life, and reach for your full potential.

I’ll show you skills for practising mindfulness that help you reconnect with the highest within you – and feel more grounded, centred, and calm.

You’ll learn how to stress-proof your brain and mindfully deal with difficult emotions.

You’ll develop more self-compassion and be kinder to yourself so you naturally feel more at ease.

You’ll start to feel in the flow of life – strong, resilient and able to handle anything that comes your way.

Your work life will improve, your relationships will improve, and your overall mood and outlook will improve.

You’ll sleep more peacefully at night knowing your life is on track.

You’ll discover how to navigate life’s challenges with optimism, calmness, and confidence.

The experience and tools you gain through coaching are practical and easy to develop – once you know how.

And most importantly… they work!


If you’re ready to get unstuck from the rut you’re in…

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