Create a Path to Relationship Happiness

Couples Counselling can save your relationship and help you grow closer together…

Imagine if you could:
  • Heal the pain and forgive your partner and yourself
  • Strengthen communication so you both feel heard and understood
  • Resolve conflict in a way that brings you closer together
  • Discover new passion and excitement in each other
  • Re-commit to each other on a deeper and more solid level

“We are SO happy together now.”

“I just have to tell you the last session we had as a couple has helped us immensely. With your guidance we’ve overcome so many hurdles – we’re now going really strong and we’re looking forward to marriage again. We’ve learned to express our expectations of each other and of the relationship in open, honest and loving ways, and we are SO happy together now. Thank you for all your help.”

VC, Age 49
Educator & Trainer, Coffs Harbour

Relationships Can Be So Wonderful…and Also So Painful

When your relationship isn’t working, you feel like you’re being torn apart inside. The stress impacts on all levels of your life. It’s difficult to cope.

You don’t want your relationship to end, but you’re tired of the miscommunications, the strife, and the struggle.

The truth is, it’s exhausting.

You’re not sure how much more you can take.

As a couples therapist, I understand how discouraged you may feel right now. You wonder how things became so complicated and how you’ll ever sort it out and feel that deep love that you once shared.

The good news is that you’re here looking for a relationship therapist.

It’s a sign that you desperately want your relationship to turn around.

Achieve Deep Healing and Profound Relationship Growth

I know you might be sceptical, but relationship healing is always possible. It doesn’t matter what your problems are or how long you’ve had them – you can get your relationship back on track.

Rewarding relationships require first a desire to have a great relationship, and then a commitment to making that happen.

These ingredients along with my skill and support can help you create a relationship that fulfils you both.

You’ll enhance your trust in each other, appreciate each other more, laugh together more, and ultimately feel like you’re on the same team as you move through the rest of your lives together.

“I can feel the love and kindness coming back between us.”

“Thank you for all the care you put into supporting us (and in turn our family) – I’m deeply grateful. Our last session as a couple has helped so much to open up some really positive conversation where we were stuck for a long time. We’re practicing what you taught us daily, and I can feel the love and kindness coming back between us. There’s a new level of hope that maybe we really can make it work. Amazing. Looking forward to our next session.”

KM, Age 39
Manager and Mother of two

I’m Compassionate, Highly Skilled, and Use the Most Effective Methods of Couples Therapy Available Today

I have a warm, gentle counselling style that puts you at ease from the moment we meet. I make sure that you both feel heard, validated and understood so that we can work together to heal the past and create a better relationship for your future.

The relationship therapy methods I use have been proven by research to help couples heal and create a deeper more lasting intimacy.

These couples therapy methods include the Gottman Method of Marriage and Family Therapy and Emotion-Focused Couples Therapy. They are two of the most researched and most effective approaches to couples counselling available today.

These specialised approaches to couples therapy – combined with my experience, skills, and my genuine care – can help you repair wounds and strengthen your loving bond in a fresh, deep and lasting way.

If you’re ready to reignite your relationship, contact me and we’ll get started.

I offer in-person counselling in my Coffs Harbour office. I also offer counselling via Skype/Zoom across Australia and around the globe.

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